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Swede's Home and Business Improvement 

Your reliable specialty contractor shop to get your tasks and projects done. With Swede's Handyman, you'll find friendly, fair, and transparent service.

My home/business improvement portfolio of services is broad, and my goal is to reliably get to done and earn your trust. I am committed to exceptional customer service because I don't want you to question who to call.

My model is simple:

  • The customer is at the core of my "what" and "why." 

  • If it's on your list, it's worth getting done.

  • If I can't schedule you in the near-term, or your project is outside my ability to perform for any reason, I'll tell you and connect you with my network of specialty contractors. 

  • I am committed to transparency and affordability, looking for economical and durable solutions. 

  • I will show up on-time and do what I committed to.

  • I will treat your space and project as if they were my own.



      For emergency jobs only, text:

      360.410.0054 (for all other needs, 

      please click on the inquiry page.

      PO Box 1405 

      Snoqualmie, WA 98065

      Licensed, Bonded & Insured

      License # SWEDEH*794DD

Swede's Handyman
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