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About Swede's

I come from a family of educators, farmers, ranchers, and fixers. I've made a career of serving people and solving challenges, and Swede's was born from a deep love for getting things done. Swede's Handyman is a tribute to my family.

A Native Pacific Northwesterner, I have 25+ years' experience fixing issues and executing, always with a strong emphasis on relationships. 

I understand and respect that not everyone is able, wants to, or has the time to accomplish some tasks. Whatever the reason, I'm here to help. 

I'm honest, get to work quickly, and treat every home or business as I would my own.

If you have a project that needs doing, allow me to help you. Please make contact via:

  • Submit a work inquiry on my contact page

  • For emergencies, text - 360.410.0054.


Looking forward hearing from you. 

Swede's Handyman
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